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I need some Halloween mojo!

Six days until Halloween. There are palm trees outside my window and it’s 16 degrees out (that’s Celsius – I’ve lived in the states for 7 years now, and screw it, I’m going back to metric – it makes more sense!) Ever since moving to the US (Florida first, now California) I’ve had a lot of trouble getting into the fall/winter seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas. To me, Halloween is heralded by leaves changing colour, and then a crazy cold snap the day before trick-or-treating, requiring you to destroy your perfect costume by adding a bulky coat and/or snow pants. Christmas should involve snow and the potential for frostbite. Yet here, the time goes by in a season-less haze.

Aside from the occasional party, as an adult, I’ve never done much for Halloween. Usually the hubby and I go to a movie because I completely have no patience for handing out candy. But, I enjoy everything that goes with Halloween. I love scary movies, I love reading and writing paranormal books. And I was just taking a look at my “ideas” folder. Apparently my muse wants me to start writing some darker stuff, because here’s a sample:

Possible cannibalism
Ghost army
Dead body in passenger seat
Halloween Horror Nights (yes, standing in line at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights sparked an idea, one that I really, really like)
Dead body in cabinet
Futuristic slavery war
2 different ghost stories

And yeah, sure, there’s also the more innocuous files labelled “penis euphemisms,” “Christmas novella,” and “a cat named Bob Marley.” You’ll see Bob Marley in my upcoming release, as a matter of fact, in Pen Name – Doctor Chicken from Dreamspinner Press. So, I eventually get around to using my idea lists in books, but yeah, right now, the majority are dark, dark ideas.

Of course, ideally I’d like to write a Christmas novella or a dark, scary story when the environment around me supports that. I guess most authors end up writing their Christmas stories in June or something, and have to fake it. I do love living in California, but there’s something inspiring about the fall and winter that I feel I’ve lost. Damn you, California sunshine!

Any suggestions about how to get inspired for writing Christmas sweet or dark and scary books when in the land of perpetual sunshine? I mean, it barely even rains here!

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