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With The New Year, I Want To Focus on Brain Health

So now that it is 2016, I am really dedicating myself to not only get in shape again, but but also start to improve my brain function. memory and problem solving abilities. So just like eating healthy, gets you in better shape, you need to feed the brain what it needs!

The brain can not function properly without the essential nutrients and chemical compounds that it needs. The foods people eat, and do not eat, play a major role in memory. Fresh vegetables are essential, as are healthy fats, while avoiding sugar and grain carbohydrates is recommended. For instance celery, cauliflower, broccoli, and walnuts contain antioxidants as well as other compounds that protect the brain’s health and may stimulate the production of new brain cells. So you will improve your body and mind at the same time, by eating correctly.

Another thing ou need to do is exercise the mind more, just like it is a muscle. There are tons of videos out there with exercises or games you can do to improve your cognitive function.

Here is one I found on youtube:

So get out there and start to exercise your mind!

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