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Seven Lines Sneak Peek: A Wolfe in the Quarter

Since I’m thick in the middle of finishing my current novel, I’ve been a bit slack with blogging. So many have tagged me in the 7-line sneak peek of a WIP. Here’s the first look at the fall’s upcoming release of A Wolfe in the Quarter (from pg. 77, unedited).

The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A Wolfe in the Quarter

“You want to walk away from those two fine men, who were willing to fight over you?”

“Willing?” Jana scoffed.

It’s not like she was being forced to make any sort of choice at the moment, but could she? Would she be able to give up one for the other?

She’d known Dominick for her entire life, and no matter how mad she got, it was impossible to imagine being without him. More recently, though, Andre showed her a different part of herself. He believed she could be someone else, and she’d grown more confident threw his eyes.

The book should release in the next few months … Readers first met Jana as Silver’s best friend in The Wolfe Pack.

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