Flirty Author Bitches


I haven’t much to say this month. I’ve been back to the East Coast (from New Mexico) just a few days ago and I’m ready to go out again to Atlanta for Gay Rom Lit 2013. I’m writing this between unpacking, washing and repacking my clothes in addition to mailing out the SWAG to the Hotel and getting together small gifts for my table companions for the Dine with An Author Dinner at GRL.

This year I’m giving away copies of A Matter of Trust, the first in the Indiscreet Series and a bar of Lindt chocolate. I’m looking forward to seeing ninety-nine of my fellow authors at the event where we can mix with the fans and others who practice our craft. Last year was my first GRL and it was held at a hotel in my backyard in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This year I have to travel to Atlanta. However, I think I’m going to have a more productive conference this year because I will be able to mingle after hours and talk to both other authors and fans on our down time.

I bought spiral notebooks with my logo and refrigerator magnets to be given away as swag this year. Instead of giving away many small things, I decided to give away one big thing. I have shirts to iron, boxes to pack and mail and suitcases for myself and my husband who is flying with me to Atlanta so that he can visit with friends while I attend the conference. For those of you who are attending, I look forward to seeing you there. For those of you I won’t see at the conference, I”ll make a report of what I saw and heard next month.

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