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What’s in a name?

aming characters is a challenge. Especially since I’ve written a lot of stories with a lot of characters! Male/Male is especially a challenge because I need two hero names instead of one. I tend to like short, strong names that begin with J, and I found myself one year writing three stories with men that had three similar names: Johan, John and Jack!

The other day I was talking to a writer friend who happens to be gay, and when I told him I named one of my upcoming characters, Mark, he said that I had to spell it with a ‘c’ – that being much more gay! Okay, he was kidding, right, but I changed the spelling anyway.

There are three go-to websites I use with regularity:

20,000 Names

Behind the Name

Popular Baby Names

It’s alway funs to find a meaning behind the name that might tell you something about the character. What I like about the SSA Baby Names site is that you can search by year. If I set my story during a certain time period then I can look up the names of when the characters were born. Other times I don’t bother with looking up meanings but I go with names that mean something to me. I have a book set in the late 1960′s and I named my heroine Rose. Not because that’s a popular name during that time (believe me, it wasnt’) but it was the name of grandmother, Nonna Rose, who was like a second mother to me and my sisters.

The names I’m using for my upcoming story – Marc and Graham. Now you tell me which one is the alpha male and Chief archetype and which one is the quiet Professor type. 🙂

Peace and Love!

Viki Lyn

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