Where Is The Best Place To Shop For CBD

While we have all seen those packets of CBD next to the other questionable ‘capsules’ and ‘powders’ at the gas station and thought, man if that is how CBD is being sold, I am not sure it’s for me.

But first, let’s talk about some common reasons for people to use CBD (cannabidiol) to improve their health.

CBD is commonly used for anxiety, depression, relaxation, pain management and even as a sleep aid. This video will explain how to use CBD fall asleep:

But don’t get discouraged. CBD is available from some very high end shops and even medical facilities. So for me, I would avoid the CBD found at the gas stations and truck stops and focus on smaller boutique stores, focused on holistic methods and natural remedies.

Another great place to shop for CBD is online. There are quite a few, amazing CBD sellers online, the real issue is trying to determine which vendor or retailer is legit, and which ones are scams (or even worse, selling low quality CBD at a high quality price).

So for that reason, I am compiling a list of the best places to buy CBD online:

Here is my list of the best cbd vendors online:

MedClava CBD
Calm Wellness CBD
Pure Pet CBD

Depending on what you are looking for, these three brands will deliver the best quality CBD, for the lowest possible price… so check them out.

If you are not into buying direct from the merchants, which is always the best price, you can buy CBD on Amazon:

Increase Energy with Patriot Power Greens

There is a new green drink that comes in the form of a powder that is to be used as a daily supplement to reduce inflammation, increase energy and decrease fatigue. It does this by infusing the body with around 40 fruits and vegetables, including many superfoods and probiotics and digestive enzymes which all work in harmony to reduce inflammatory acid and improve overall health.

Super Food Infused Patriot Power Greens

You can read this review of Patriot Power Greens for more information: http://patriotspowergreens.com/. That site really sums up all the benefits, including a full ingredient list so you know exactly what you are getting with this amazing new green drink.

Still interested? Watch this video review of Patriot Power Greens:

I know what you are thinking, it sounds amazing but the price is a little bit high. Sounds reasonable, but if you look at the fact that you only use one serving a day and each serving costs less than $2 a day (less if you buy in bulk), it really is much less than a cup of coffee each day. And the benefits are so much greater than just a simple cup of coffee.

While coffee can increase energy, it does nothing to decrease inflammation and decrease fatigue. Plus it really isn’t good for you, and certainly doesn’t provide all the nutrients that are found in Patriot Power Greens. The decision is simple.

Is Your New Years Resolution To Lose Weight?

If you are resolving to lose weight this New Year, then you owe it to yourself to get some help. It’s one thing to say you are going to eat better, or exercise more, but it’s another to commit to it.

How many times have people bought gym memberships, only to stop going after a week or two? It happens all the time. Or that treadmill or home gym gets used 2-3 times, then starts collecting dust.

The reason for this is they require a large time commitment. People need to get dressed in exercise gear, drive to the gym or setup the home gym, and then workout. Overall it usually takes at least an hour of commitment to stick with whatever exercise program they are trying to do.

In today’s busy world, that just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

And for diet, that one is probably even worse in terms of people sticking with it. But luckily there are programs that have easy to follow, yummy diet plans that also have low time commitment exercise programs that are doable. And most importantly, since the diet is easy and the exercise program doesn’t require a huge investment in time or money, it is much more likely that people will stick with it. One of these exercise programs I found online and it’s called The Lean Belly Breakthrough. You can watch this video here for more information:

This is one of the more popular, yet low impact and easy diet and exercise programs out there. It’s creators claim that with a simple change in diet and moderate exercise with this system, that people can lose up to 1 pound a day. Now that is inspiring.

So if you are going to make a resolution to lose weight this year, I recommend you take the time to find a program that not only will get you results, but one that you will stick with. Lean Belly Breakthrough is the one that I am using, and I recommend you do the same.